Beware of Rogue Sales List Solicitations

We have become aware of groups soliciting members and exhibitors regarding the availability of a list of Argentum conference attendees. These vendors do not have access to our registration database nor do we sell registration lists to third parties. Therefore, anything they are offering is not official nor did it originate from Argentum.

An example of a rogue solicitation may look like this:

Subject: Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference and Expo 2021 – Attendee Contacts


Would you be interested to acquire attendees contact list of Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference and Expo 2021?

We also have a comprehensive contact list of decision makers from start-ups and SMEs that might interest you.

Please let me know if you are interested and I will get back to you with the count.

Best regards,

The best way to reach our attendees and our members is via our official advertising and sponsorship offerings through official Argentum events and print/online channels. You can contact Brooke Jordan at or 301-379-4403 to learn more about these offerings.