Executive Director Leadership Institute

September 13-15, 2021

Get inspiration and the insights you need to run a more efficient community, and connect with the nation’s top senior living leaders.

Become a More Effective Executive Director

Running concurrently with the Senior Living Executive Conference & Expo, the Executive Director Leadership Institute (EDLI) is an intensive educational experience designed specifically for executive directors of senior living communities. Argentum has developed a curriculum that combines a rigorous academic grounding with real world application to enhance and enrich the work of the executive director in his or her leadership role in their senior living community.

Earn 10+ essential CEUs and commit to your leadership development today!

<b>TANA GALL</b><br>CEO, Blue Harbor Senior Living

"I would encourage executive directors from across the country to come to EDLI because I promise they will go back with new skills and more importantly new networking opportunities in order to enhance their operation. And the energy they go back with is a benefit to their employees and their residents."
—Tana Gall, President, Merrill Gardens

What Past EDLI Attendees Have Said...

"No matter the format and your years of experience as an Executive Director/General Manager, you always learn something new. Presenters are very knowledgeable and you can benefit from their experience, regardless if you are running an IL, AL, MC or a combination of all levels. I highly recommend it to everyone."

"The opportunity for connection and relationship-building at EDLI was just as valuable as the information received. And the information received was VERY valuable!"

"It is worth every minute, and you will go back to your community a new manager with a different lens to look at the way we do our job."

Who Should Attend?

Executive directors of senior living communities (independent living, assisted living, memory care) seeking to enrich their contribution to the success of their community and their company and develop their professional skills for advancement in their company. EDLI sessions will delve into mission critical topics for executive directors in areas such as operations management, leadership, human resources, sales and marketing, clinical oversight, risk management, and more. 

Registration and Eligibility

Pre-registration is required to attend EDLI. Participation in this program is restricted to executives who are currently employed as executive directors or administrators of senior living communities (independent living, assisted living, and memory care) seeking to enrich their contribution to the success of their community and their company and develop their professional skills for advancement in their company.

$825 Member
$925 Non-Member

$925 Member
$1,025 Non-Member

30-40% less than previous years!

This year, you can enjoy expanded access at the Senior Living Executive Conference & Expo with the EDLI Pass. In addition to all EDLI sessions, you are invited to mainstage and morning keynotes, Expo hall events, and networking events and receptions.

Schedule and Sessions

Monday, September 13

7:30-8:30 AM

8:30-9:30 AM
The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth
This engaging, interactive session is a MUST for all sales professionals and executives who want their business to reach its full potential. This presentation is fast paced, practical, content rich and filled with take-away value.

Selling a product, idea, or service in today’s economy takes more effort than it did even two years ago. Technology has allowed for businesses to connect all over the world, meaning most consumers, customers, or clients have many options available. This means a salesperson must work to build trusting relationships to win new customers and grow the ones you already have. Jack will explain the importance of leveraging your business’ unique competitive advantages to create systems and processes to be used by your entire sales team to ensure the growth of your company.

You will learn:

  • Unique strategies for capturing and closing more leads
  • How to maximize your sales in a minimal amount of time.
  • Low-cost tactics for increasing the value of your prospect and customer lists.
  • How to drive greater sales and profits with existing resources.
  • Communication – Social & Buying Styles, Personality Profiles & the Call Critique
  • The Relationship Selling Process.
  • The Laws for Self Renewal, Target & Personal Marketing.
  • Everything you need to know to double your sales.
  • Leverage the web and social media to increase sales
  • Set and reach your business and life goals
  • Get quick results and accelerate your business growth

Jack Daly, Leading Sales Speaker and Trainer

9:45-10:45 AM
Achieving a High Impact Sales Culture
Executive directors are asked to do more today than they have been asked in year’s past. Not only are they responsible for budgets, staffing, resident care, and satisfaction, they are also tasked with keeping residents safe throughout a worldwide pandemic. Sales is often the last consideration, as attention goes swiftly to the fires that need attention amongst varying operational departments. Not to mention, we hire salespeople for a reason, right? Isn’t it their job to fill the building? Many have likely heard the cliché that occupancy is everyone’s job. But what exactly does that mean for the ED, and how do we create a culture of sales amongst team members? 

In this session, we’ll discuss key takeaways including:

  • Defining the Sales Leader at Your Community (hint: it’s YOU!): Uncovering your strengths as a supporter of occupancy
  • Facts and Numbers: Deep dive into data related to the EDs support of occupancy
  • It Takes a Team: The role of communication in creating a sales culture
  • Overcoming Objections: How the sales cycle has changed since the onset of COVID
  • Lead generation: Solving the “I need new leads!” crisis
  • Lead Nurturing: Best practices including a look at sales enablement tools available

This interactive session will explore multiple options for EDs to increase their support of sales and occupancy. From identifying how to be more involved in the sales process, to simply learning to ask better questions during one-on-one meetings with sales directors, EDs will walk away with tangible action items and next steps.

Speaker: Lacy Jungman, Vice President of Marketing and Communication, Heritage Communities

10:45-11:45 AM
Peer-to-Peer Discussions
Come together with your peers and have facilitated conversations on senior living’s most pressing topics. You will have a chance to learn how other EDs are tackling workforce development, diversity and inclusion, risk management, and more.

11:45-12:30 PM

12:30-2:00 PM
Life by Design

All too often, entrepreneurs and business owners invest and prioritize their time and energy to build a successful business at the expense of a successful personal life. It need not be that way! In fact, many of the habits, strategies and tactics employed with the running of our businesses can be successfully applied to our personal lives. In this highly introspective workshop, we will dig deep to discover the things we value most for life, and how best to achieve and accomplish them. Several outcomes will be a more balanced life, a prioritization of actions to build a quality life along with a quality business, and a system with processes to make this an integral component of one’s life as opposed to an “event.” Key areas covered include:

  • Success Stories-Look at what others have done.
  • A Time to Think- Setting the table.
  • Becoming Your Own Futurist-Your Life, the overview.
  • The Scenario Plan- 4 Critical Issues in becoming your own futurist.
  • Reality is What You Make It- We must know where we are going and have a plan.
  • Self Renewal

Jack Daly, Leading Sales Speaker and Trainer

2:00-3:30 PM
Covering Your Assets: Practical Risk Management Strategies (Part One)
What are the areas of greatest risk vulnerability in senior living communities? What federal laws and regulations impact risk management exposures?  How are “realistic expectations” used to manage resident satisfaction and transparency? Discover the answers to these questions while also identifying the various constituencies that impact managing risk.  This course is presented in two sessions to allow time for participants to respond to case examples and discuss specific situations and concepts that executive directors are required to manage.

Speakers: JoAnne Carlin, Senior Vice President Clinical Risk, Marsh Senior Care Practice; Joel Goldman, Partner, Hanson Bridgett LLP

4:00-5:30 PM
Mainstage: Argentum Awards & Heroes Work Here Celebration

5:30-7:00 PM
Opening Reception

Tuesday, September 14
Wednesday, September 15

Get to Know Your Speakers

Daly, Jack_clip square

Jack Daly

Leading Sales Spaker and Trainer
The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth
9/13/21 | 8:30 - 9:45 AM

Life by Design

9/13/21 | 12:30 - 2:00 pm
Lacy Jungman

Lacy Jungman

Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Heritage Communities
Achieving a High Impact Sales Culture
9/13/21 | 9:45 - 10:45 am
<b>JOANN CARLIN</b><br>Vice President, Clinical Risk Services – Willis Towers Watson

JoAnne Carlin

Senior Vice President Clinical Risk, Marsh Senior Care Practice
Covering Your Assets: Practical Risk Management Strategies (Part One)
9/13/21 | 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Covering Your Assets: Practical Risk Management Strategies (Part Two)
9/14/21 | 1:15 - 2:15 pm
Joel Goldman

Joel Goldman

Partner, Hanson Bridgett LLP
Covering Your Assets: Practical Risk Management Strategies (Part One)
9/13/21 | 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Covering Your Assets: Practical Risk Management Strategies (Part Two)
9/14/21 | 1:15 - 2:15 pm
Tana Gall

Tana Gall

President, Merrill Gardens
Balancing Mission & Margin
9/14/21 | 9:45- 11:15 am
Chris Guay

Chris Guay

Founder and CEO, Vitality Living
Balancing Mission & Margin
9/14/21 | 9:45- 11:15 am
Mark Woodka

Mark Woodka

CEO, OnShift
Developing Your Community's Workforce
9/15/21 | 9:45 - 10:45 am
Harper, Judd_clipped

Judd Harper

President, The Arbor Company
CEO Roundtable
9/15/21 | 10:45 - 11:45 am
Danielle Morgan

Danielle Morgan

President, Clearwater Living
CEO Roundtable
9/15/21 | 10:45 - 11:45 am

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