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Tuesday, May 15 | 7:15 AM - 7:45 AM


"It's Only a Complaint"... Does Your Staff Understand the Difference?
One of the most undesirable situations that can occur in a senior living community is elder abuse. Abuse can take many forms and may be interpreted differently by individuals who are responsible for identifying and preventing elder abuse in their community. This session will discuss the various types of abuse and present examples of abuse that may go unrecognized. Strategies to prevent abuse and to respond to abuse allegations will be shared along with an outline to guide staff training.

Speaker: JoAnne Carlin, MSN, RN, NHA, CPHRM, CDAL, Vice President of Clinical Risk Services, Willis Towers Watson

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Leadership Lessons Learned from Falling Out of the Sky

Being a leader in today’s environment parallels the shocking experience of being hit by a funnel cloud while flying at 38,000 feet in the air. Our organizations have had “blue sky days” but more often have to weather “more than normal turbulences”. The session will provide the participant leadership strategies that they can immediately take back into their organizations and apply, taught through the experience of falling out of the sky on a 737 jet.

Speaker: Martie Moore, RN, MAOM, CPHQ, Chief Nursing Officer, Medline

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Dosage and Occupancy Correlations

The core interventions of physical therapy are therapeutic exercise and balance training. It is well documented in the literature that these interventions must be delivered at a very specific dosage in order for them to be clinically effective and cause wanted lasting physiological changes which translate into improved resident function and safety. Thanks to modern medicine, residents are living longer with multiple chronic conditions and are generally medically stable. However, one can be medically well yet functionally sick. This session will discuss preliminary research findings of a description study of the outcomes associated with an innovative Part B therapy model.

Speaker: Dr. Tim Fox, Physical Therapist, Board Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist, Fox Rehab

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Fox Rehab

Using Analytics to Improve Senior Living Resident Care and Your Bottom Line

In this session, we'll discuss the importance of having freshly aggregated resident and financial data to help you understand what's happening in your business and in your resident population. This information provides the opportunity to make proactive decisions and make a positive impact on resident outcomes and organizational profitability.

Speaker: Rob Price, Senior Product Manager - Analytics, MatrixCare

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Tuesday, May 15 | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (Happy Hour Session!)


After a busy day at the Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference, wind down with an adult beverage at this information-packed session about…

The 5 Most Important Resident Marketing Trends, and How They Can Boost Your Occupancy in Less Than 45 Days

In 2017, LeadingResponse marketed to, and surveyed, more than 250,000 prospective residents, their adult children and caregivers to gain insights, and generate new move-ins for their senior living community clients. During this hot topic happy hour session, you’ll learn about the amazing data and results that were born out of this initiative and how to use that information to dramatically improve your occupancy.

Everyone attending this HOT TOPIC HAPPY HOUR SESSION will receive a FREE copy of the “What’s Trending In Senior Living Marketing” report AND a SPECIAL REPORT: “A Financial Profile of Prospects Attending Community Events.”

Speaker: Valerie Whitman, VP, Senior Living, LeadingResponse, PLUS senior living executives that are seeing dramatic increases in EXCLUSIVE qualified leads resulting in increased occupancy.

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Wednesday, May 16 | 7:45 AM - 8:15 AM


Full Access: How to Ensure Accessibility at Senior Living Communities
If your community has ever been found out of compliance, you've discovered the price of taking a risk on regulations. Do you and your team know enough about ADA, Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Fair Housing Accessibility laws to avoid a finding? Join RealPage's compliance expert, Greg Proctor, for this eye-opening session and hear insider insights and real-talk advice on how to avoid accessibility findings and non-compliance at your communities, defend them from risk and protect yourself from common misconceptions that can lead to costly consequences.

Speaker: Greg Proctor, Vice President of RealPage Compliance Services, RealPage

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Senior Living Data Security
This session will provide insight on the evolution of data breaches and forecasts how data breaches will dominate the healthcare industry for years to come. Along with recommendations on how to develop robust security data protocols to safeguard sensitive information, the session will also provide suggestions on how to address network vulnerabilities and establish effective security protocols. Attendees will receive our Data Security in Senior Living white paper.

Speaker: Michael Remorenko, Director, Sales, Yardi Systems

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Driving the Right Census: Retooling Care Offerings to Fit the Changing Senior Living Marketplace
Indications are that over the next several years, the senior living marketplace will see a dip in resident population, prior to the projected boom. This projected boom will require operators to retool their current offering and grow their marketplace portfolio to accommodate the rising and changing senior population. In this presentation, we will discuss how to analyze your current operations and profile who you serve today, understand who you will be serving tomorrow, and align and grow your operations to provide services to both generations.

As the industry transitions from serving the “Silent Generation” to attracting the “Boomer Generation”, ARE YOU READY for higher levels of acuity, consumer-driven programming, alternative payment models, industry partnerships and technology integration? You can think of it this way: “Are you able to be flexible, adaptable and transformational in your shifting marketplace?”

Join with us as we discuss these factors which are critical to your continued success and growth.

Speaker: Gaurie Rodman, Director of Development Services, Direct Supply Aptura

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The Reliable Living Plan - A New Way to Pay for Senior Care
Increasing life expectancy is a global trend - we are living longer - which is great! Given that half of all seniors will living longer that their life expectancy, the associated risk is significant, both financially and emotionally - no one should feel guilty for living longer than expected. Very few residents and prospects have a plan in place to cover the costs of Assisted Living or Memory Care, but we all wish they did. Ninety percent (90%) have no traditional Long-Term Care Insurance, and cannot quality due to maximum age restrictions or health exclusions. Join us for an interactive session on The Reliable Living Plan, a reliable, tax-free solution to help residents and prospects confidently cover the costs of Assisted Living and Memory Care. The Reliable Living Plan has no maximum age restrictions or health exclusions.

Speaker: Preston Pitts, President, Legacy Marketing Group

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Meeting the Expectations of Today’s Workforce
Given current staffing shortages and historically low unemployment, employees have more job choices than ever before. And with the higher workplace expectations of millennials, senior living providers must rethink how to best attract and retain top talent.

Attend this session for the research and employee-centric best practices senior living providers are implementing to win in this competitive market.

Speaker: Mark Woodka, CEO, OnShift

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