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Tuesday, September 22 | 12:15 - 1:15 pm ET

Insights from the C-Suite:
Getting Ahead of the COVID-19 Crisis

While senior living as an industry has always been prepared for “cold and flu season,” this year’s pandemic has been characterized by some as a “black swan event” – unpredictable, severely impactful, yet to some in hindsight, foreseeable. The danger of calling this a “black swan event” is that we will fail to prepare for the next one.

What’s beyond COVID-19? Has the pandemic permanently impacted the consumer’s view of our inherent value proposition? How far should we go to balance the need seniors have for social interaction against the risks involved with another pandemic? One thing is for certain: senior living as an industry is now viewed as part of the continuum of care. Join this thoughtful conversation, as we envision senior living’s post-COVID future.

Moderated by Lois A. Bowers, Editor, McKnight's Senior Living

  • Lucinda Baier

    President & CEO, Brookdale

  • Richard J. Hutchinson

    CEO, Discovery Senior Living

  • Anja Rogers

    Chief Executive Officer, Senior Star

  • Danny Stricker

    President, Ascension Living

  • Chris Cummings

    Senior Vice President, Asset Management (Seniors Housing), Ventas

  • Eric Mendelsohn

    President and CEO, National Health Investors

  • George Chapman

    CEO, ReNew REIT



Wednesday, September 23 | 12:15 - 1:15 pm ET

Insights from the C-Suite:
The Post-COVID REIT Landscape

The pandemic put financial pressure on every aspect of senior living: from labor costs to occupancy rates. How have the nation’s largest real estate investment trusts (REITs) fared during this crisis, and what does the future look like for senior living finance from this development sector? Business models, credit, and the state of private equity in the aftermath of COVID-19 will be discussed.

Moderated by Stephen Monroe, Partner & Managing Editor, Levin Associates, SeniorCare Investor


Thursday, September 24 | 12:15 - 1:15 pm ET

Insights from the C-Suite:
How COVID-19 Accelerated Cross Industry Staffing Solutions

Rarely in history have we seen an event wreak such havoc on the global economy. And in response – just as rarely – competitive workforce sectors came together to help 30 million displaced workers find employment. How much pressure did the pandemic place on our industry in terms of retention, training, and employee engagement? What can be learned from the collaborations that are now taking place across sector trade associations and corporations? Looking ahead, will the pandemic’s aftermath negatively impact perceptions of senior living as a career of choice? Our panel of senior living, hospitality, and restaurant CEOs will discuss their lessons learned as the service sector pulled together to meet the workforce challenge brought on by COVID-19.

Moderated by John M. Bremen, Managing Director, Human Capital and Benefits; Global Head of Thought Leadership and Innovation, Willis Towers Watson

  • Zeta Smith

    CEO, Seniors North America, Sodexo

  • Michael Rosenbaum

    Chairman and CEO, Arena