Media & Press

Press may enjoy access to a special press room, Room N128A, onsite at the Phoenix Convention Center.

2021 Media Partners


Lois Bowers, Editor
(440) 641-1182

National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC)

Laurie Tomko, Senior Director, Corporate Communications and Marketing
(410) 267-0504

Official Video Partner


Carter Stevens, VP of Marketing
(871) 658-0445

The SeniorCare Investor

Stephen M. Monroe, Partner and Managing Editor
(203) 803-4134

Seniors Housing Business

Jeff Shaw, Managing Editor
(404) 832-8262

Senior Housing News

Tim Mullaney, Editor
(312) 281-8802

Senior Living Executive Magazine

Sara Wildberger, Editor

Senior Living Foresight

Steve Moran, Founder

Senior Resource Guide

Jennifer Dean Stavert, Director of Marketing

Become a 2021 Media Partner

To become a 2021 Senior Living Executive Conference Media Partner, your company must agree to an equal in-kind trade agreement with no cost. If you'd like to become a 2021 Media Partner, please contact Kayla McAlindin at for details.

Media Access

Credentialed members of the press, such as reporters, editors, writers, news photographers, producers, and online media, who work for a publication, news service, broadcast outlet, or news site that is regularly issued and published primary for the dissemination of news may request a press pass. Media whose primary responsibility is the coverage of the senior living industry and related news will be considered for credentials. Sales, advertising and marketing staff, analysts, brand content producers, researchers, authors, consultants, and others are not eligible for press registration. Applicants for a press pass must provide an editorial title that is verifiable or proof of an editorial assignment to cover the conference. The number of press passes for each media outlet is limited. Press credentials are not transferable.

  • Eligibility for Online Media:
    Website must post or update original senior living-related news regularly;
    Website or e-news content must extend beyond links, opinion, personal analysis, or information about the publishing organization’s activities and programs; or
    Blogs must reflect senior living-related news posted on a regular basis.
  • Eligibility for Freelancers:
    Freelancers may be asked to provide evidence of published or electronically-released pieces issued within the past year, or they may provide an assignment letter or e-mail from a media organization with the editor/producer’s contact information for verification. Freelancers without advance assignments will be considered on an individual basis.