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Get to know the featured speakers at the 2019 Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference. Check back for more exciting speakers as they are confirmed!

Kim Campbell

Alzheimer’s Advocate & Widow of Grammy Hall of Fame & Award-Winning Music Artist Glen Campbell


Kim Campbell will join us as the Hero Awards emcee and will then share her story as a keynote speaker on the mainstage Tuesday, April 16.

Kim Campbell’s marriage of more than three decades to pop-country music legend Glen Campbell is a testament to devotion and overcoming adversity. Kim helped Glen beat cocaine addiction and alcoholism only to face their greatest challenge when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2011. Kim supported her husband through the tumultuous hardships that accompany the disease and has become a tireless, influential voice for all people living with Alzheimer’s.

In 2011, Kim, Glen and their children went public to courageously share Glen’s battle with Alzheimer’s. They invited filmmakers James Keach and Trevor Albert to document Glen's Goodbye Tour, which produced the award-winning documentary Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me. The documentary helped to break the stigma that accompanies Alzheimer’s and provides hope and comfort to families who are facing the same challenges.

Determined to honor Glen by continuing his quest to educate people about Alzheimer’s disease, Kim launched CareLiving.org, a blog and lifestyle guide providing resources, inspiration and a sense of community to this underserved group. She champions the cause using her own experience as a call to action. In recognition of her dedication and work in the field, Kim was made an honorary faculty member of the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s Erickson School that connects the best research available for aging services with the practical expertise of industry leaders nationwide. Among her many accolades Kim recently received the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation - Great Ladies Award, the Us Against Alzheimer’s - Women Making Change Award, and the Alzheimer’s Association - Caregiver Leadership Award. Kim has made it her mission to improve the quality of life for families and caregivers.

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Kat Cole

COO and President, North America, FOCUS Brands


Kat Cole will join us to present the closing keynote "Building Highly Successful and Resilient Brands" Wednesday, April 17.

Before being promoted to COO and President of FOCUS Brands North America, Kat Cole spent four years as President of Cinnabon, Inc. where she was accountable for leading, evolving and building the team and multi-channel brand. During her tenure at Cinnabon, Cole’s team and franchisees accomplished franchise unit growth (1200 in 55 countries), profitability, franchisee satisfaction, philanthropic partnerships, and comp sales performance that is the strongest the brand has seen in over a decade. In 2013, Cinnabon passed $1 billion in annual branded product sales globally through all retail channels and continued to grow beyond that in 2014.

As of January 2015, FOCUS Brands continues to grow in a new structure to leverage its scale and fuel continued global, multi-channel growth. Cole has been promoted to take on the role of Group President at FOCUS Brands Inc. (parent company to Cinnabon, Inc.) leading the innovative, high growth division building all brands at FOCUS in the U.S. and internationally in consumer packaged goods, foodservice licensing, global licensed platforms and E-commerce. FOCUS has over 4,000 ice cream shops, bakeries, restaurants and cafés in the United States and 60 countries under the Moe’s, Schlotzsky’s, Auntie Anne’s, Carvel, McAllister’s Deli, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Cinnabon Brands.

Cole is also the co-founder of Changers of Commerce along with Amanda Hite, founder of Be The Change (BTC) Revolutions—a leading social movements agency. Changers of Commerce is a movement and group of leaders that identify with mixing money and meaning and making as much of a difference in the world as they make a profit. Being a Connected, Creative, and Conscious Capitalist not only produces return on investment, it connects with stakeholders, including current and emerging employees and consumers who will drive business and build brands for many years to come. Changers of Commerce is a group that believes the way forward in business and society is through thoughtful alliances and partnerships that build strong, profitable businesses that can be an engine for thriving communities.

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Ann Compton

Legendary ABC News White House Correspondent (1973-2014)

Ann Compton

Ann Compton will join us as the moderator for two mainstage panels and three C-Suite panels Tuesday, April 16 and Wednesday, April 17.

Ann Compton has always been a pioneer. Compton’s career at ABC News spanned seven presidents and 10 presidential campaigns. As the first woman assigned to cover the White House on network television and with 41 years on the air for ABC News, her longevity and impact are unparalleled. After retiring from daily coverage in 2014, Compton reignited her legendary career by returning to ABC to cover the 2016 political conventions, as well as accepting a fellowship at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government focusing on media coverage of the 2016 election. She now combines her personal experiences on the White House beat with fresh scholarship from the prestigious Miller Center for presidential studies in Virginia.

Compton was traveling with President George W. Bush on September 11, 2001, and was the only broadcast reporter to remain on Air Force One to report on behalf of all the press during the chaotic hours following the terrorist attacks, when the President was unable to return directly to Washington. For that coverage, which she considers the most significant story of her career, Compton received special recognition in the awards bestowed on ABC’s coverage, including an Emmy, a Peabody, and the Silver Baton from the DuPont awards at Columbia University.

Her colleagues elected Compton as president of the White House Correspondents’ Association for 2007- 2008. She was chairman of the Radio-Television Correspondents’ Association on Capitol Hill in 1987- 1988. The Commission on Presidential Debates selected Compton to serve as a debate panelist in 1988 and 1992. Additionally, she has been inducted into six halls of fame and has received five honorary university degrees.

Michael Leavitt

Former Governor of Utah and Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Bush Administration

Michael Leavitt
Michael Leavitt

Michael Leavitt will join us on a mainstage panel regarding the integration of healthcare and senior living policy Tuesday, April 16.

Mike Leavitt is the founder of Leavitt Partners where he helps clients navigate the future as they transition to new and better models of care.

In 1993, Mike was elected governor of Utah. He served three terms (1993-2003). In 2003, he joined the Cabinet of President George W. Bush, serving in two positions: first as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (2003-2005) and then as secretary of Health and Human Services (2005-2009).

He led the implementation of the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program. The task required the design, systematization, and implementation of a plan to provide 43 million seniors with a new prescription drug benefit. By the end of the first year, enrollments exceeded projections, prices were lower than projected, and seniors expressed high levels of satisfaction.

Mike’s strategic ability can be seen in his redesign of the nation’s system of quality and safety standards for imported goods. In the spring of 2006, President Bush assigned him to lead a government-wide response. Within months, he commended a major strategic shift in U.S. policy on import regulation and trade.

Collaborator is a word that comes up repeatedly when one examines Mike’s background. His skill led his colleague governors to elect him as chairman of the National Governors Association, the Republican Governors Association and Western Governors’ Association.

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Dr. Daniel Levitin

Neuroscientist, Musician & Author

Levitin Daniel 1_clipped

“Music and the Brain: A Conversation with Dr. Daniel Levitin” will be presented on the keynote mainstage Tuesday, April 16.

Daniel Levitin is an award-winning scientist, musician, writer, and record producer. He is the author of three #1 bestselling books – This Is Your Brain on Music, The World in Six Songs, and The Organized Mind. His TED talks have been viewed more than 8 million times.

Daniel received his BA in Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Science at Stanford University, and went on to earn his PhD in Psychology from the University of Oregon researching Absolute Pitch. As a cognitive neuroscientist specializing in music perception and cognition, Daniel is attributed with fundamentally changing the way that scientists think about auditory memory. Before becoming a neuroscientist, he worked as a session musician, sound engineer, and record producer working with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Santana, The Grateful Dead, and Blue Oyster Cult. One of his recent performances included playing guitar with Sting.

Dr. Levitin’s prolific and razor-sharp writing appears in Grammy, Billboard, scientific journals, and audio magazines worldwide. In a Los Angeles Times review of his book, This Is Your Brain on Music, Levitin is described as a “deft and patient explainer of the basics for the non-scientist as well as the non-musician…By tracing music’s deep ties to memory, Levitin helps quantify some of music’s magic without breaking its spell.”

Daniel has an unmatched sense of humor and wit that he honed as a joke writer for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and a standup routine that gave him the rare opportunity to perform alongside the late, great Robin Williams at the 1984 Democratic National Convention.

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Sarah Thomas

First Female NFL Official

Thomas Sa-Photo (High Res HEADSHOT)

Sarah Thomas will be a featured speaker for the Women in Leadership Deep Dive series Monday, April 14.

Sarah Thomas changed the game in the world’s most quintessential male-dominated sport—football—when she became the first female NFL official. Now she’s inspiring others to dream big and believe anything is possible.

Officiating her first game September 13, 2015 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans, Sarah’s hat, whistle, and flag are now on display at the NFL Hall of Fame and serve as a testament to this historic achievement. Sarah also made post-season history by being named Down Judge for the Patriots/Chargers 2019 playoff game. No stranger to being the first or breaking gender-barriers, she was the first female official to ever work a major college football game, to officiate a bowl game and to officiate in a Big Ten stadium.

Since her addition to the NFL's roster of officials, she has become a trail-blazing inspiration to women everywhere, embodying the notion that with a belief in self, inner drive, hard work, preparation, and a mindset of being the best you can be, no barrier or ceiling is impenetrable.

With the same unflappability that it takes to make a split-second call on the field, Sarah exudes equal confidence on stage as she shares key insights on overcoming adversity – and the odds – finding your passion while maintaining work-life balance, decision-making, and not only succeeding as a female in a male-dominated industry but achieving breakthrough success for males and females alike.

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