What Is Your Objective?

Below are a number of sponsorship options to consider. Click on your objective for potential solutions, and contact us to discuss how you can elevate your presence and advance relationships.

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Premier Sponsorship | $50,000

Clearly Position Your Company as a Market Leader

This is the ultimate package of branding and VIP treatment to showcase your organization as a market leader.

Company Recognition
Your logo will be integrated into all core event communications months in advance, including pre-event promotion (online, email, direct mail) as well as onsite signage, sponsor mentions, and the printed program.

Complimentary Full Conference Passes
3 All-Access Passes

Exhibit Space
Complimentary 10’x 10’ exhibit space (if desired)

Printed Program Ad
Full-page 4C ad in onsite printed program

Concierge Service
An Argentum meeting planner will help your team amplify your conference experience. Whether a reception, team dinner, conduct a private company meeting or entertain clients at an off-site event, your meeting planner will manage the details while your executives enjoy their event.

Private Meeting Space
Exclusive use of a meeting room at the convention center throughout the conference. An Argentum meeting planner will work with your representative to coordinate your company orders for catering, audio-visual, and furniture rental.

VIP Experiences
Reserved seating for your company representatives at all general sessions. Executive car service to and from airport. Complimentary hotel suite upgrade for one person. Invitation to keynote speaker meet and greets. Access to the CEO Lounge for all C-suite individuals at the Conference.

Brand the Sessions & Content Attendees Appreciate

The Hive
Sponsor Fee (1 Location): $15,000
Sponsor Fee (2 Locations): $25,000
Your brand on this interactive attendee program will position you as a thought leader and innovator. Open during Expo hours, these floor destinations are the buzz! Sponsorship includes recognition on The Hive structures and the opportunity to host two hive sessions.

Educational Tracks, Sessions & Workshops
Position your product and services in front of the appropriate attendees based on the educational subject matter. Includes opportunity to welcome attendees and introduce speakers. Call for details.

CEO Panels:  State of The Industry | Technology | Innovation Models ($10,000/each)

Monday 'Deep Dive' Workshops (3 sessions per subject): Workforce Development | Quality Improvement | Dining Strategies ($15,000/per subject)

Tuesday/Wednesday Tracks (3-4 sessions per subject): Operations | Sales/Occupancy ($15,000/per subject)

Tuesday Tracks (2 sessions per subject): HR/Workforce | Finance & Development | Care Models ($10,000/per subject)

"We found this [the Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference] to be an excellent event in all aspects, but most importantly due to the outstanding attendees who fit our market and business partner profile perfectly."
— Clayton Garrett, VP, Specialty Lighting Group

Keynote (Tuesday/Wednesday)
Sponsor Fee: $32,500
Kick-off the day’s events and kick-off your branding at the top session of each day. Includes welcoming remarks and speaker introduction by your top executive.

Argentum Hero Awards—SOLD!
Sponsor Fee: $32,500
Put your name on the feel-good marquee awards event of the year at the opening of the industry's annual conference.

Mainstage Session (Tuesday/Wednesday)
Sponsor Fee: $20,000/session
These two sessions feature nationally-known speakers and will not have competing sessions against them. With a crowd of 1,000+ expected, it’s a great opportunity feature your company, a top executive, and deliver your latest announcement via the welcoming remarks.

Executive Director Leadership Institute (EDLI) Series
Sponsor Fee: $20,000 per co-sponsor (fee includes 3-4 EDLI events throughout 2019)
This ED-focused series of EDLI events provides you access and connections to 200+ executive directors advancing their knowledge and careers via an intense workshop. The Conference EDLI is the marquee EDLI of the series an offers you a spotlight under which to shine. Call us for more details.

64% of customers cite shared values as the primary reason they have relationships with brands.

—Harvard Business Review

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sales@argentum.org | 571.527.2622

Target the C-Suite and VIPs

Women in Leadership—SOLD!
Sponsor Fee: $20,000
This new and unique opportunity clearly presents the right opportunity to show support of this important industry-wide initiative. This series of three sessions on Monday afternoon will focus on advancing and empowering women in the workforce.

Board and Executive Roundtable Breakfast
Sponsor Fee: $16,500
This breakfast starts our top executives’ day before they convene for the Board of Directors meeting and Argentum Executive Roundtables. That’s about 200
of the top executives in senior living.

CEO Lounge—SOLD!
Sponsor Fee: $20,000
This lounge serves as a meeting and hospitality space for CEOs of Argentum Premier and Executive Member companies.

Argentum Leadership Reception—SOLD!
Sponsor Fee: $32,500
This reception brings together the teams from the top companies in senior living, providing you intimate and unique exposure and access to the industry’s decision makers and influencers. The reception is open to Argentum’s Premier and Executive Member attendees.

Executive Roundtable & Leadership Lunch
Sponsor Fee: $30,000
This is a rare opportunity to break bread with the industry’s top executives after the very popular Executive Roundtable meetings and Board of Directors meeting have adjourned.

CEO Dinner—SOLD!
Sponsor Fee: $32,500
This is the best opportunity to showcase your company and its vision with the CEOs of Argentum’s Premier Owner/Operator Members.

Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference Photography San Diego - AbounaPhoto

Create an Unforgettable Experience

Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference Photography San Diego - AbounaPhoto

Contact us to discuss your opportunities today.
sales@argentum.org | 571.527.2622

Cocktail Welcoming
Sponsor Fee: Starts at $5,000, pending how big you want to go
Be that company…the one that knows how to welcome the industry to their annual event.

Cookie Break!
Sponsor Fee: Starts at $5,000, pending how big you want to go
I will never forget that company that provided those fresh-baked cookies.

Lobby DJ & Music—SOLD!
Sponsor Fee: $17,500
Be the company that provides the cool factor to the attendee experience onsite. The lobby DJ will spin tunes from after the first session break through the close of the day’s sessions. The key, the DJ will deliver yours and only your company’s 20-second commercial announcements throughout the hour every hour!

Networking Lounge—SOLD!
Sponsor Fee: $30,000
This large resting/networking/meeting space is located in the lobby of the Expo and provides your organization the prime opportunity to provide attendees a spot to gather when they need a short break. Let’s discuss how we set up this popular attendee destination. Includes water stations and charging stations.

5K Fun Run or City Experience—SOLD!
Sponsor Fee: $5,000
Argentum will actively promote your event to attendees and promote registration details provided by the sponsor. Event Examples include 5K run, yoga class, or city tours during non-conference hours. All expenses related to the event are the responsibility of the sponsor and must take place during approved times.

Put Your Brand Out in Front

Conference Registration—SOLD!
Sponsor Fee: $25,000
It’s the one place every attendee visits before the show so brand it with your logo, message, and call to action!

Notepads and Pens - New!
Sponsor Fee: $11,500
Show management will produce over 1,000 notepads and pens to be distributed in the session rooms for attendees, who tend to use these, take them back to the office, and use them more.

Mobile App—SOLD!
Sponsor Fee: $30,000
The very popular mobile app has become the preferred guide to the week’s activities and events, as well as the top search tool for the Expo.

Attendee Bag—SOLD!
Sponsor Fee: $25,000
These walking billboards are always eye-catching and have great shelf-life as attendees take them back to the office.

Sponsor Fee: $25,000
Hang your brand around attendees’ necks with this favorite conference giveaway.

Conference Wi-Fi —SOLD!
Sponsor Fee: $10,000
This sponsorship provides attendees the opportunity to access wi-fi throughout the convention center throughout the week, and they can thank you for that.

Conference Printed Program —SOLD!
Sponsor Fee: $10,000
This guide is heavily used all week and often carried back to the office as a supplier resource.

The Show Daily
Sponsor Fee: $15,000 (or $8,500 per day)
Be the exclusive sponsor and advertiser on the official Show Daily, produced and distributed electronically to all attendees (as well as Argentum Members) on Monday and Tuesday of show week. 

Hotel Room Keys
Sponsor Fee: Based on number of hotels desired.
Get attendees’ attention upon their arrival and throughout the week as they carry your brand wherever they go. Includes logo or artwork on attendee room keys in host hotels.

Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference Photography San Diego - AbounaPhoto

"If you want to be part of the industry and part of the leading edge of the industry, if you want to meet your colleagues and other companies and have really fairly frank conversations with them, then Argentum is the organization you really can't live without."

—Loren Shook, CEO, President & Chairman, Silverado

Show Them You Love Them With Food & Drink

Opening Reception (New Monday evening opening event)
Sponsor Fee: $25,000 (exclusive)
This is it! Sponsor the Opening Event open to all attendees. Let’s get this party started! All praise this sponsor!

Birds of a Feather Receptions (Tuesday Evening)
Sponsor Fee: $7,500+ (pending bar/beverage and food/no food choices)
Who’s your primary customer? Let’s leverage pre-show marketing as well as personal invitations to join you at your reception! Examples of receptions can be the Sales & Marketing Reception, Clinical/Memory Care Reception, and so on. We’ll do the work and the marketing while you play the host.

Expo Lunch (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Sponsor Fee: $15,000
Sponsor what attendees love…lunch! Benefits include your logo on table topic signs throughout the lunch area.

Hot Morning Breakfast (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Sponsor Fee: $20,000 (or $11,500 per day)
The networking breakfast is a benefit for all attendees and includes coffee/tea/juice and a hot breakfast buffet, cereals, breads, etc.

Expo Happy Hour
Sponsorship Fee: $5,000/co-sponsor (4 sponsor limit)
Expand your exhibit presence by hosting this popular expo event which includes a bar location by your exhibit space. In addition, we will feature your booth on entrance signage at the event denoting your location.

Coffee Breaks
Sponsor Fee: $15,000 (for all breaks/all days)
Brighten up the day while providing frequent networking opportunities for the industry through the always critical and loved coffee breaks.

Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference Photography San Diego - AbounaPhoto

Your Custom Branded Identity

Info Sessions (only 3 slots remaining)
Sponsor Fee: $7,500
Opportunity to produce an educational session within the official conference program. Show management provides a room, time slot, basic A/V set-up, pre-show and onsite marketing while you determine the content. A well-positioned and informational session can position you as the market expert in your area of focus. Info session hosts should be prepared to co-market this event alongside show management. Limited inventory with Premier Sponsors receiving first option prior to January 31, 2019.

Let's Get Creative
Have you had success with a sponsorship at past events you'd like to replicate? Have new ideas or creative ways to engage with attendees, eh=nhance their event, and start building relationships? Give us a call to discuss it as we are open to creating great experiences and achieving your objectives.

Contact us to discuss your opportunities today.
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