Thought Leaders Expand Senior Living

Click on the videos below for a look at some of the action from the Argentum 2018 Senior Living Executive conference, held May 14-16 in San Diego, CA.

Victor Regnier on Spaces

More than 35 percent of the children born today can expect to live past 100. As the population ages, the nation must examine and identify the best housing and service arrangements to support the older mentally and physically frail in the most non-institutional settings possible. Housing expert Victor Regnier shares popular models in Europe and the US as well as how outdoor spaces are being used effectively.

Brand, Culture, and the Power of Purpose

As former CMO of Airbnb and former VP of global advertising strategy at Coca-Cola, Jonathan Mildenhall knows a thing or two about bringing a strategic vision to life. Watch the video to hear how he reveal how creativity, humanity, and authentic branding can help your senior living company build a lasting brand.

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Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Ph.D. and Janet Morrison on Aging

Social isolation is defined as a lack of meaningful contact with others. It is a global problem impacting people of all ages, but especially older adults as they experience health problems that impede social activity, and experience the death of loved ones and friends. Social isolation is about more than being lonely. New research indicates that social isolation is a significant risk factor for poor health status and increased mortality. Explore what is being done to address social isolation and how the senior living network can play a role.

Technology w/Lilian Myers, Rebecca Costa & Sophia the Robot

Dr. Myers, a technology and aging expert, discussed the latest technologies and how they are guiding the future of senior living. (Sponsored by Omnicare)

Fresh off her international book tour, renowned sociobiologist and futurist, Rebecca Costa, offers an exciting look at technologies aimed at extending longevity, quality of life, and mitigating the exploding need for skilled personnel.